ANDY — a Los Angeles-based Emmy-nominated composer/producer — draws from
deep roots in electronic, techno and synth-pop for this cutting-edge and very personal
artistic adventure, a thoroughly unique fusion of EDM, house and trap music.
ANDROGYNE is an irresistibly fun collection of 13 dance tracks with obvious global
appeal, a DJ’s dream custom-made for nightclubs, festivals, pool parties and hotels
from West Hollywood to Paris to Palm Springs. Infused with a myriad of deceptively
sophisticated musical references and a sly, sometimes even silly sense of humor, there
is something more going on here. It is a thoughtful and positive statement made at our
culture’s cutting edge, a celebration of diversity, acceptance and the entire LGBT
community — and it drops us right into the middle of the conversation while remaining
highly danceable, always entertaining and never preachy. Androgyne (the word) refers
to a gender at once both feminine and masculine. ANDROGYNE (the album) joyously
tells us that we are free — free to be anything. And ANDY (the artist) asks us one very
important question: “Can’t we all just dance along?”