ANDY / Baby Review
Andy, “Baby” (iTunes):

 Andy’s “Baby,” another DIY production, this one from one Andrew
Todd Rosenthal, the mastermind behind ‘80s synth pop outfit Martini Ranch (with actor Bill
Paxton), and, as Ice Berg, the rap genius of heeb-hop vets M.O.T. (and yes, disclaimer, I’m their
one-time manager Meshugge Knight). With a simple premise of sampling a crying baby, Andy
creates a dance-floor classic, the first song ever to use the title which is actually about an infant.
It’s delightfully creepy, worth of its own dance steps (picture someone rubbing their eyes like a
crying tyke) and a club floor classic in the making. Give it a shot and plunk down $.99 on
iTunes. You will get at least that much in grinning satisfaction. The man’s a genius. 



ANDY, “Baby”/“Funhouse”
You know him by any number of aliases. As Andrew Todd
Rosenthal, he was the auteur of Martini Ranch alongside
award-winning actor Bill Paxton, creators of KROQ rotation
mainstays “How Can the Labouring Man Find Time For Self-
Culture?” and “Reach.” As Ice Berg, he was one-half of the
groundbreaking Heeb-Hop group M.O.T., whose self-titled
Sire/Warner Bros. album produced such still-classics as “Town
Car” and “Emmes G,” their kosher homage to Chinese food
and java beans.
As ANDY, he’s now spinning chill/trance Chicago/Detroit house
music with this pair of soon-to-be club-floor classics. “Baby”
is the first song with that name to sample the sounds of an
actual infant, incorporated into a white-hot EDM smash
featuring its own musical nod to the “If I should die before I
sleep” lullaby. The sinister “Funhouse” offers a salacious
carnival barker with a come-on to a sinister side show that
doubles as a pole-dance anthem. “This is ridiculous!”
Ridiculously good, that is.
Roy Trakin